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Wine, Corks and Canvas – A fundraising event for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

I’m no Picasso, but put a glass of wine in my hand, with a paintbrush in another, and Picasso has some competition on his hands. Just sayin!

Corks and Canvas is an art studio located in Melbourne. As per the name of the studio, Corks and Canvas allows you to paint, while sipping on your favourite wine.

wine sign tip the bottle.jpg

Some encouragement before we paint

I went to Corks and Canvas as part of a fundraising event for the National Breast Cancer Foundation on Friday night, where all money raised went to this fabulous cause.

glasses tip the bottle

Important paiting equipment

To kick-start the night, we filled our glasses with wine and took our seat in front of a blank canvas. We were shown the art piece that we would be painting for this evening, using acrylic paints – The iconic Brighton Beach Boxes, which looked bright, and fun to paint.

the examples tip the bottle

The example of what we were going to be painting!

Our art teacher took us through each step in creating our masterpiece, starting with painting the sky, then the sand, and finally the water. From there, we then got our creative flair on, and painted our beach boxes. Throughout the night we took breaks to fill up our glasses, chat and mingle with others, and see how everyone elses masterpieces were developing. It was so much fun!

blank canvas tip the bottle

I am ready to get my Picasso on!

collage tip the bottle

Step by Step, with wine in between

While painting is a relaxing activity, adding wine in to the mix makes for a super relaxing activity – almost as relaxing as a massage! At the end of the night, we all ended up with our masterpieces to take home! And best of all, we helped raise money for a great cause.

If you too want to get your creative flair on, you can! Corks and Canvas offers many classes which you can book in to at your own leisure. Check it out, and get your Picasso on!

If you’re looking to donate to this great cause, click here

corks and canvas tip the bottle.jpg

credit @corksandcanvas

Until next time winos,




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