Fabulous night with a fabulous bunch of ladies from the Fabulous Ladies Wine Society

Ladies, do you love your wine? Consider yourself fabulous? Well this is the place for you, the Fabulous Ladies Wine Society. It’s a group that was founded by the fabulous lady herself, Jane Thomson. The idea behind the formation of this society was to bring together ladies that love wine in a space that’s fun, friendly with no judgement. The society has a number of features from fabulous wine reviews, to fabulous events, and fabulous wine offers from some great wineries.




I attended my first event a couple of weeks ago – The Fabulous Ladies Wine Soiree with Koonara Wines. It was such a great evening, and was so much fun, that I thought I’d share my experience with you.

The event was held at the Vincent hotel in Middle Park Melbourne, and was hosted by Koonara Wines from the Coonawarra wine region. On arrival, I was greeted by the bubbly Jane herself, and a glass of bubbly Koonara goodness – a Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay. It was delight to sip on. A zesty, slightly sweet wine with a dry finish.

Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity

Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity

The room filled up quickly, and was a buzz with so many fabulous ladies.
Once we all got ourselves seated, Jane introduced herself and explained what we were up for – some good food and good wine.

Bring it on!


She also introduced us to Nicole Reschk. Nicole runs the Koonara winery alongside her husband Dru. Throughout the night Nicole explained each of the varieties, as well as the history and workings of the winery.

Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity

Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity

One of the best parts about this winery is that they try to keep everything as organic as possible, and it really shows in the quality of wine they produce. She also explained the idea behind the label – Angel Wings

“When wine is stored in oak barrels, a percentage of that wine evaporates – winemakers call this the ‘angels share’. What is left, is their gift to us.”


Thank you Angels!

At the end of the evening there was a clear favourite in my books; the Shiraz reserve. The moment I tasted this Shiraz my tastebuds were singing. A smooth, well rounded Shiraz, French oaked, with hints of berries.

Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity

Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity


By attending the event, we also had the opportunity to buy our picks of the night. Jane put it perfectly that we should be buying direct from the winery, to ensure the profits go straight back in to the wine makers pocket. Well said Jane, I could not have put this better myself. And that’s exactly what I did 🙂


me with the fabulous Jane

A fabulous night that I can not recommend highly enough! Be sure to get yourself along to the next event – Melbourne Ladies Fabulous Champagne Masterclass


Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity

Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity

Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity

Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity

Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity

Credit @fabulousladieswinesocity

Until next time winos,

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