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Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend – Rutherglen Winery Walkabout – Part 2

Okay, so where I left off in my last post was the morning of the ‘big day’, the Sunday of the Rutherglen Winery Walkabout.


All aboard the bus dressed in ‘Around the World’ theme, it certainly was a sight to see. Penguins from Antarctica, a Belly Dancer from the Middle East, Statue of Liberty from the USA, a Japanese Geisha, Parisians, and Germans, all complete with Pooh bear sitting up the front. That’s right; Pooh bear joined us from out of the woods of Ashdown Forest for the day.

Who knew Pooh bear loves a glass of Shiraz?


10am, and the first stop of the day was Cofield.

With an early start to the day, the cellar door was certainly buzzing with many getting their first sip of wine for the day. I even spotted Olaf from Frozen sampling some wine – I wonder if he could feel his feet?

Olaf deciding what to drink

Considering the hour of the morning, I figured a glass of sparkling was in order – a crisp 2012 Pinot Noir sparkling Chardonnay.

A glass or two later, and it was back on the bus to the next winery.


11.30am, stop number two was Pfeiffer wines.

This winery is great for its Frontignac – a beautiful floral, slightly sweet, and fresh wine. While this wine was on the menu for tasting, the cold weather certainly called for reds ‘a-plenty’. Testing out the reds, it was the 2012 Carlyle Cabernet Merlot that my Japanese Geisha friend and I purchased. We quickly found out, that with the lengthy lines at the wineries, bottles were the way to go. With Jukebox on site, and backstreet boys power ballads on play, it was clear to see that the party vibe was certainly starting to ramp up.

I do ❤ Pfeiffer Wines

One of my favourite costumes from the day!













Quick stop over at the toilets on the way back to the bus, and boy oh boy were the lines long. It became clear that none other than a bus of elderly ladies were occupying the toilets. These gals were certainly a highlight of this winery. They really played out their roles as grannies to a tee. One granny was even spotted leaving the toilets having “accidently” tucked her skirt in to her underwear, putting her diaper on show for all to see. Classic! It certainly got the crowd cheering and laughing.


Respect your elders!


1pm, next stop was Stanton and Killeen.

This winery excites me with its brilliant range of fortifieds. You can even purchase bottles dating back to the 80’s in magnum-sized bottles! A great gift for anyone born in that era.

With a belly full of red from Pfeiffer’s, I opted to just do a taste test of the wines here. One wine that caught my attention was the 2014 Chardonnay – slightly oaky, with a beautiful crisp finish. Just the way a Chardonnay should be. With one bottle purchased, and in my bag, it was off to the final destination of the day.


2pm, last winery of the day was none other than Campbell’s.


This is one magnificent winery. If you ever find yourself here, be prepared to get stuck in to the reds, and fortifieds.

With their full list on offer to taste, my number one pick of the day was the 2012 Shiraz Durif.

Wine, Wine, Wine, Wine…Water

Barrels of gold










After the tastings, we searched for food. Along the way I had the privilege of getting a photo with the man himself – with none other than Colin Campbell, 4th generation owner of Campbell’s wines. Lets just say I was just a little bit chuffed.



As the day moved along quickly, it was at this winery was where the party kicked in to over gear when the band played Bruno Mars Uptown Funk. That song can get anyone up on their feet.


Once it reached 5.30pm, it was back on the bus and in to town to the pub for dinner, where the party continued on well in to the night. But that’s a story for another time.


Suffice to say, the Rutherglen Winery Walkabout is a brilliant festival on the Victorian calendar. With many great wineries taking part, this is one event that you should not miss out on getting yourself to. Highly recommend.

Happy Birthday Queenie!

Group shot! I think I found Wally


Until next time wino’s





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