Top Ten Times to Tip the Bottle and have a glass of wine

The weekend is here! To celebrate, I’ve poured myself a glass of wine.  I’ve also put together a list of my top ten best times to have a wine. Here it goes, in no particular order..


1. Birthdays

Pop the champagne bottle, this calls for a celebration.
Birthday’s are the perfect way to celebrate either your own birthday, or a friends’ birthday with a nice cold glass of bubbly to get the party started.

birthday cake






2. Eating

Pairing a good wine with good food makes me one happy girl. Not only does it make the wine taste better, but it also makes the food taste better.

My favourite cuisines – Vietnamese, Italian, and any type of Dessert. Yum!

dessert wine







3. Outdoors

Having a picnic or a BBQ in the sun is already relaxing enough as it is. Add a vino in to the mix, and needless to say, I become a sloth.







4. After work

Nothing speaks to me better than kicking up the heels after a long day at work, and relaxing with a glass of red in hand on the couch.

lounge wine







5. Catch up with friends

Having a group of girlfriends who are also vino lovers means a good goss sesh over a great bottle of wine. Wine for the soul, with my soul sisters.

girlfriends drinking






6. At the races

While a glass of wine can cost you a months worth of salary at the races, it would be criminal not to enjoy a glass when dressed up to the nine’s. The key here though is to keep it classy ladies and gents.


race day






 7. A plane flight

Those long haul flights can be a killer. After squeezing in all the movies I can watch…”ahhh twister and jumanji” (reference from The Castle!), a glass or two or three of red will send me right to sleep.

plane wine






8. At the movies

While they are few, far and in between, a cinema that stocks wine is one of the best things since sliced bread. Lesson to learn here though, is to stick to just one glass to avoid those annoying toilet breaks – you don’t want to be ‘that’ person who whispers in your ear throughout the movie ‘What did I miss?’ ‘So who’s that guy?’ ‘Why are they doing that?’


cinema wine






9. Karaoke

To loosen up the vocal chords, a glass of wine is the perfect choice to go from feeling like I have gaffa tape over my mouth to sounding like Beyonce, complete with all the moves.

bridget jones wine





10. New Years

Pop the Champagne bottle and pour me a glass of bubbly – what a great way to kick start the new year. Tip that bottle a little more please.

new year champagne







Needless to say, there are many other times a glass of wine goes down a treat. Let me know your best moment.


Until next time winos,



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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Times to Tip the Bottle and have a glass of wine

  1. fun list! We are all about having a drink while watching a movie

  2. jacmaher says:

    Thanks! Great to hear you enjoy a drink with a movie as well.

  3. […] wine, I really do hope that the champagne bottle retains its cork. The sound of that cork when popping a bottle screams ‘celebration’ to me. I don’t think a screw cap would ever be able to replace that. It […]

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