Choosing a red wine for a Sunday roast

There is nothing better than sitting down to a roast dinner on a Sunday. A roast dinner that someone else has cooked, with close friends, sharing a great bottle of wine, at a pub.

This happened to me a couple of weeks ago, on a perfect autumn day, where the sun was shining and there was a slight crispness in the air. It had been quite some time since I had sat down to a roast dinner . While I can cook, and cook a roast quite well, I’m not known to be one to cook myself a roast dinner and polish off a whole chicken or leg of lamb in one sitting. I am however, fascinated by those who can; how can one human being stomach that much meat in one go? Any who, getting back to my perfect Sunday lunch.

collingwoodThe pub of choice was The Grace Darling Hotel. A much-loved watering-hole nestled in trendy Collingwood that serves up roast dinner each and every Sunday; the ‘Sunday Roast Today’ was lamb. Yum!

This made my meal ordering quite easy. The next part came the “I’d like to see the wine menu please”. Since my vino girlfriends and I were each going to have a glass of red, we decided to share a bottle. Scanning through the menu, the girls decided to task me with job of choosing a wine that would match perfectly. While the idea of choosing a red might be easy for some, the pressure of getting the right match with food can be quite hard, as it can make or break the wine and/or the food.

On the menu, there was the choice of a Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and a Nebbiolo, with tasting notes listed beside each. Trying to gauge the taste of each wine from reading the descriptions, it was the Nebbiolo that stood out at me. The tasting notes it had listed included violets, wild mushrooms and rose petals. Mmm who doesn’t love flowers with a lamb roast? Aside from the bouquet of flowers, it was the mushroom note that had me hooked. Yes I am a lover of mushrooms. The food kind, not the ‘other’.

Nebbiolo, pronounced “Neb-ee-yolo”, or as I would say “YOLO wine”, is a dry Italian red, likened to a Pinot Noir but with more body. This Nebbiolo was named Pinga, and was a 2012 vintage that hailed from Pondalowie Vineyards, Toolleen within the Heathcote region – a wine region in Victoria Australia renowned for its reds.











roast_dinnerWhile we waited for our roast to arrive, we decided to pop the cap and get started. Needless to say, without the roast, this wine was a delight to drink. WITH the roast, it was even better. We polished off the meal and bottle quite easily, and it became clear to us all that the Nebbiolo was the perfect choice. I now think that the nursery rhyme ‘Mary had a little lamb’ should be re-written to ‘Mary had a little lamb and a bottle of Nebbiolo’.


Shame Sunday’s only happen once a week.



How about you? What’s your choice of wine you like to pair with your Sunday roast ? Feel free to post your comments in the section below.

Until next time winos,



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